The Rocks Cove, Millom

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Hodbarrow Marina, viewed from The Rocks - courtesy of Chris Read




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Millom is a small coastal town situated on the fringe of the Lake District National Park, in the southerly part of Copeland District.  It is separated from the Furness peninsula by the Duddon Estuary and bounded to the west by the Irish Sea.  It is nestled under Black Combe and reachable by roads, which wind through the valleys and along the estuary or by rail.

The nearest large towns are Barrow to the south and Whitehaven to the north.

The coastal and fell environments link Millom to the Lake District National Park and the beautiful Duddon Estuary, recognised internationally for its significance as a wild life habitat.

Millom acts as a service centre for the villages of Haverigg, Bootle, The Green and The Hill.

Before the discovery of iron ore at Hodbarrow, Millom was just a few villages and farms.  After the discovery, in 1855, Millom became a prosperous town with a population of more than 10,000.  The town was devastated when the mine closed in 1968.

Millom's most famous son is poet and author Norman Nicholson (1914 - 87).   A new stained glass window memorial has been placed in St. George's Church, where he worshipped.

Visit Millom today for a taste of the past and the future.

Millom today provides access to unspoilt golden sands with unrivalled panoramic views of the nearby Lakeland hills and fells.  It boasts the facilities of a town and the opportunities of the unspoilt countryside.  This is an often overlooked part of Cumbria where the Holy Trinity Church and the remains of the Norman Castle (now part of a working farm) date back to the Norman invasions.

The town's Folk Museum charts Millom's development as an industrial centre for iron production. There is also a room devoted to Norman Nicholson who lived here for his entire life. The now disused iron workings have become nature reserves and are home to several significant rare species.

Now there are new opportunities. The village of Haverigg, one mile from Millom, has a range of holiday accommodation, water-sport and leisure facilities. The surrounding countryside is convenient for all sorts of outdoor pursuits and sporting activities. On the edge of town there are modern industrial units with scope for new businesses and expansion.

The local population of 8000 supports a vast range of sporting and social interests. Four infant/junior schools feed Millom Secondary School, which has an excellent record of achievement and is a nationally recognised DfES Technology College.   Newcomers and visitors alike are soon embraced into this warm community.


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St Georges Church - courtesy of Maureen Harvey, Photographer, Steel Green.